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To H-LK or To Not H-LK

Based on a question posed at Falling Leaves and Wings… 

IF your guild…
Got 11/12 hard modes at or before the 20% buff
AND Is normally in the world top 1000
AND Craves a kill and has a full raiding roster dedicated to putting in the time, gold, and effort required for a kill
THEN go for the Lich King, Hard Mode.

If your guild does not meet all these criteria, do not go for the H-LK. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but the risk:reward isn’t worth it.

Got 11/12 hard modes at or before the 20% buff = Take two guilds, one who got 11/12 HMs at 15% and the other who got 11/12 HMs at 30%. Guild 1 is, obviously, better than guild 2. They are better geared (more HM kills), better skilled (needed 15% less buffage to get to the same level), more experienced (12 more weeks of work on H-LK). While gear will eventually even out, the skill and experience factors will not. Guild 1 has a chance, guild 2 does not.

I used the 20% buff as the demarcation line as that is the buff level our guild would have reached 11/12 HMs had we continued to push progression raiding. We slowed at 15% and stopped completely at 25%. Given enough time and desire, we might have squeezed out an H-LK kill eventually. Maybe.

Is normally in the world top 1000 = Currently, fewer than 500 guilds in the world have downed H-LK on 25-man. I’m guessing that no more than 1000 guilds will kill him before Cataclysm.

Craves a kill and has a full raiding roster dedicated to putting in the time, gold, and effort required for a kill = This is the big one. Hard mode Lich King is the most difficult encounter in the game, perhaps the most difficult encounter in all of WoW (at the appropriate level.) He’s been nerfed as much as he ever will be (he might get nerfed in the pre-Cataclysm 4.0 patch, but that’s months away and uncertain if he’ll be nerfed), there’s no more gear to get. If you want to down the Lich King on hard mode, you and your entire raiding roster must want it. You must push for it. Everyone must be willing to accept months of pain, sweat, broken keyboards, exploding tempers, frustration, rage quits, gquits…The Lich King feeds on your tears.

Why did our RL/GM pass on pushing for an H-LK kill? For that last reason. We could have pushed and we might have downed him. We’re skilled, experienced raiders. But we’re not so singularly focused on raiding that we’re willing to throw ourselves into the ringer just to claim a kill that may never happen.

In short…

The reward: a kill of the hardest boss encounter in the game, an epic title, some achievement points, Invincible mount, sweet lewtz, the ability to walk into Cataclysm with all bosses in Wrath dead.

The risk: burning your raiders out, igniting tempers, breaking your guild over a kill that is unlikely to happen, heading into Cataclysm with your core raiders spent and exhausted.

TL;DR: Do what is best for your guild.

Wrath Bucket List Revisit

With summer waning (at least up here in America’s version of Northrend) and most of the real life obligations fulfilled, time to revisit my Wrath bucket list

10- and 25-man ICC drakes = THEN (read: when I originally posted it): Certainty. NOW: One half complete, the other half probably not going to happen. Got the 10-man drake, but I doubt we’ll get enough people together to get the 25-man drake. 
Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords = THEN: Doubtful. NOW: Not going to happen. Not interested at the moment.
(Modified) Get all epic JC Wrath recipes = THEN: Certain. NOW: Still certain. All epic gem cuts learned, some Dragon’s Eye cuts and rare item recipes still needed. I’ll probably finish this up by the end of September.
Immortal and Undying = THEN: Probable. NOW: Still probable. Just need to get a group together.
50k honor kills = THEN: Unlikely. NOW: Likely (!!) I’m over 41k now. 9k honor kills shouldn’t be too hard to get before Cataclysm drops.
Stockpile gold = THEN: I will, just a matter of how much. NOW: Working on it. Guild repairs ftw!
(Added) Rivendare mount = I’m running Strat 2-3 times per day. I even set my heartstone to Light’s Hope Chapel. Great way to make money: I get about 100g per run via drops. Obviously, this depends on how lucky I am. If I run Strat 100 times before Cataclysm and I still don’t have it, I’ll be frustrated but content that I gave it a good shot.
(Added) PvP achievements save for the Veteran and Master achievements and exalted with WSG and AB factions = Working on them. Just a few here and there left.

Continue gearing prot spec, get some decent ret pieces = THEN: I will, just a matter of how many. NOW: I’ve slowed down on gearing. I don’t play my pally as much as I did at the beginning of the summer.
Get a 310 mount = THEN: Probable so long as Blizzard doesn’t remove the Ulduar drakes. NOW: Doubtful.
Kingslayer = THEN: Probable. NOW: Still working on it. The group I was with downed him a couple weeks ago (I wasn’t there), so there’s hope yet!
(Added) Crusader title = Highly unlikely unless I get motivated

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A great movie. Very unique. It’s a romantic comedy/video game/twenty-something angst movie. I thought it was more fun and enjoyable than Inception. Gamers (and those of you reading this blog are) should go see it.

Lyraat on Beta

Since hunters are currently in the “X works now, but Y is busted” phase of development, I don’t plan on playing in the beta any time soon. This is the phase that just plain sucks: in the implementation of new goodies (or, in our case, fockus), current systems break unexpectedly. How does one lose an ability? How does one accidentally remove our minimum range? Survival being completely fubar’ed isn’t encouraging me to hop on the beta either. I’ll wait until hunter things get fixed. I’ve got plenty to do in the meantime.

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Lyraat, former SV hunter of [Better Part of Valor] on Elune, current dad and gamer.

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