Firelands Trash Guide, Hunter Pics, RealID LFD

Guide to Firelands Trash, Twitter Style

“Wait, what? A guide to trash? Does your raid suck so much that you can only down trash?”

No, we’re 2/7 and we should get Rhyolith down on Sunday. This guide is for people who are running Firelands trash runs. I see people advertising “LFM FL trash” everyday since 4.2 came out, so I figured I’d give people a quick guide to the trash.

More to the point, Firelands trash is not faceroll. This isn’t T11, ICC, Ulduar, or Naxx trash, which were AoE-fests. Each group of Firelands trash has its own mechanics that cannot be ignored.

  • Molten Lords: OT taunts when MT’s debuff >4, move from fire, watch for knockbacks
  • Hell Hounds: Single target as each dog applies a nasty debuff to all available targets in melee range. #deadpet
  • Molten Surgers: Charge random ranged and deal 30K damage to everyone in 10 yards. Don’t stack = will charge melee if all stack.
  • Ancient Core Hounds: fears raid, dinner time = massive damage on MT, OT must taunt, do not face raid due to firebreath
  • Unbound Pyrelords: MT+melee big guy, OT+ranged little ones. Big applies a nasty debuff to melee, littles vulnerable when big hits 80/60/40.
  • Flamewaker packs: CC Cauterizers, win. #surprisinglyeasy
  • Fire Turtles: kill moms first, melee on dads, ranged on babies. #notnearlyasscaryassomewouldhaveyoubelieve
  • Fire Scorpions: kill big scorpion (+fire dmg debuff), then AoE babies (explode when killed). Let ranged pull aggro on little ones.
  • Overseers: He cleaves, so everyone (incl. hunters) in melee range. #IdonttrustmyhealerstohealmeifIstandatminrange
  • Unstable Magma: kill Subjugator, single-target kill channelers. Longer channelers are alive = more health Magma will have. #killquick
  • Taskmaster packs: Don’t bother. #noseriouslytheywillfuckyouupImnot kidding #avoid #dangerwillrobinson

I would clear trash until Shannox spawned. Due to his wide-ranging pathing and how fast he patrols, once you spawn him, you’ll either have to kill him or be very quick about pulling more trash. If your trash run wants more rep, go for Beth’tilac trash…

  • Molten Lord+spinners: AoE spiderlings, then kill giant, who will kill the spinners for you.
  • Firebird: Kill spinners first. Do it fast enough and the bird will free itself and give the raid a short but nice buff.
  • Drone+spinner+hounds: Single-target kill hounds, then drone, then spinner. Have tanks blow cooldowns as they run in. #harderthanitlooks
  • Last pack: Do not attack mobs in buble. Interrupt cauterizer, kill spear throwers first, AoE spinner and drone. #messy #avoidifpossible

Class Stained Glass and Twitter Icons

Awesome job by Disco Priest on the hunter pics (the twitter icon is this post’s image; so cute!) Check them out at her blog.

Just one note: Although most hunters won’t admit it, our pets carry us, not the other way around :D

RealID Cross-Realm Groups

Fuck to the yes.

We the WoW community can thank ourselves for this feature. WoW has the best community of any MMO by any measure: largest, most diverse, most involved. Blizzard rewards prominent members every so often with in-game NPC’s or items. But this functionality, this is a gift to the community as a whole. We gave Blizzard a reason to develop this feature. We proved that we could make friends outside our little identical in-game islands. We made LFD popular, and, for all our griping about horrible pugs, run more dungeons now than we did before (I know I do.) We asked for a way to combine the two, and Blizzard agreed. Boo ya!

I’m sure it wasn’t easy or cheap even with LFD and RealID already in place. If it were, Blizzard wouldn’t charge us for it. But a small fee per month to group with our friends is worth it.

We tried it out last night. My wife and I grouped with a couple real life friends and a guildie tank and knocked out ZA. Loads of fun and very easy to set up. And as an added bonus, three people got Mojo. Sweet.

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Lyraat, former SV hunter of [Better Part of Valor] on Elune, current dad and gamer.

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