20 seconds until log out…

Tying up some loose ends. Heavy stuff comes later.

Raiding: After nearly four years of constant raiding, I am hanging up the crossbow. Sunday the 6th was our last night. Kellwin, who hasn’t raided an entire night in almost a month, hopped on and said her goodbyes before the raid began. I helped get our raid’s first H-Majordomo kill, subbed out for Ragnaros, and said my goodbyes when the raid ended.

Closing this chapter in our lives was sad. All the friends we made, the struggles we endured, the triumphs we shared…All memories now. Well, not all our friends, but we just won’t seem them as often nor will we make any more raiding memories with them. We will miss the camaraderie the most. Some people have bar buddies, some have reading circles, some have Facebook friends, we had raidmates and guildmates. Luckily we live in the era of social media, so our friends are never that far away. Yet without that twice/thrice-weekly get-together, the relationships will change. Life moves ever onward.

The final line…

Karazhan: 11/11
Serpentshrine Cavern: 4/5, 5/5 post-3.0 nerf
Tempest Keep: ¾, 4/4 post-3.0 nerf
Mount Hyjal: 4/5, 5/5 post-BC
Black Temple: 4/9, 9/9 post-3.0 nerf
Zul’Aman (original): 6/6, 3 chests
Sunwell: 0/6, 6/6 post-BC
Naxxramas: 14/14 10m, 14/14 25m
Sartharion’s Lair: +3D 10m, +3D 25m
Malygos: 10m and 25m
Tier 7 drakes: No on both 10m and 25m
Ulduar: 13/13 10m, Yogg+3, Yogg+1 post-tier; 13/13 25m Yogg+3, Yogg+1 post-tier
Tier 8 drakes: Yes on both 10m and 25m
Trial of the Crusader: 5/5 10N, 4/5 10H, 5/5 10H post-tier; 5/5 25N, 4/5 25H, 5/5 25H post-tier
Onyxia’s Lair: 10m and 25m
Icecrown Citadel: 12/12 10N, 11/12 10H, 12/12 10H post-Wrath; 12/12 25N, 11/12 25H, 12/12 25H post-Wrath
Tier 10 drakes: Yes on both 10m and 25m
Vault of Archavon: 4/4
Blackwing’s Lair: 6/6 normal, 0/6 hard, 1/6 post-tier
Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2 normal, 0/2 hard
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 normal, ¼ hard, ¼ post-tier
Tier 11 drakes: No
Firelands: 6/7 normal pre-Firelands nerf, 7/7 post-nerf normal, 4/7 hard mode post-nerf
Tier 12 drakes: No
Baradin’s Hold: 2/2

Transmogging: I gave up on it. Real life and WoW ennui intervened; I had neither the time nor desire to run MH/BT/SW for my Gronnstalker set. I have the shoulders, that’s all I care about (and they match my Firelands suit.) I still run Kara for Attumen’s mount and Legacy. Oh, I forgot: I have the fist weapons from Mt. Hyjal. And honestly, I like T12. I’m happy logging out in it.

Ninek notes

/played = 93.5 hours
Level 84
160 achievements
1645 achievement points
4522 HK’s

Whoa. Been over a month since I last regaled the WoW blogosphere with news of my little alt.

I’m officially terminating the project. Ninek has his XP locked at lvl 84 so I can blitz people in the 80-84 bracket. Whee!

At the close of the project, I was averaging just over 17.5 achievement points per hour played (17.59 pts/hr played). If I maintained this rate, I would reach 9000 achievement points in 511.7 hours, which is 21.3 days of play time. At 15 points/hour played, that number increases to 600 hours, which is 25 days of play time; at 12 pts/hr, 750 hours, which is 31.25 days; at 10 pts/hr, 900 hours, which is 37.5 days.

One month of play time seems reasonable based on those numbers. Fifteen points/hour played is tough to sustain: three ten-point achievements every two hours. Twelve is more doable: six ten-pointers every five hours. For some, that may sound insane, but for achievement junkies, it’s manageable.

I could have pushed more. Obviously, I could run dungeons: just doing the Classic and BC dungeons and raids nets me about 650 points. I could have worked harder on PvP achievements, I could have been more diligent about cooking and fishing dailies, I ignored my professions, I could pick up a couple mounts, I could have bought more companion pets, and heck, I could have gotten a haircut. Still, I think I pushed as hard as anyone trying for 9000 would.

Incoming Hate

The screenshot below is true. It has not been photoshopped in any way. Take a close look at the chat window, my achievement list, and the highlighted toolbar icon.

Yes, my project alt, who has never stepped foot into any dungeon, who cannot enter any Burning Crusade heroic dungeon, has the Reins of the Raven Lord.

How? Satchels.

Why? Because opening the satchels counts as looting them, so the gold inside is counted as gold looted, which contributes to my Got My Money on My Mind achievements. It’s one of the reasons why Lyraat is well on his way to the 100K GMMoMM achievement, the big reason why Ninek is almost to 1K, and the main reason I log in on my tank alt.

Random Ninek notes

  • World events helped tremendously. Brewfest was a nice 100-point bump towards 9000 (110, if you count The Captain’s Booty world event achievement that occurred and was achieved during Brewfest.) I banked 190 points thanks to Hallow’s End. Sweet.
  • I did Wintergrasp twice, my first WG battles since Cataclysm. What a change. Our server has about a 10:1 Alliance:Horde ratio, which is why I gave up on Tol Barad: I can never get into TB. Wintergrasp is still an option as it seems each side gets a minimum of five players regardless of how many the other side has. Ninek’s first Wintergrasp had five Alliance and zero Horde (I never saw any), and the second had five Alliance and three Horde. Twas a new experience being the low-level “n00b” in a PvP raid with 85’s fighting Horde 85’s. “I hope your backs are okay!” A little sad as I remember the epic Wintergrasp clashes, such as our first Wintergrasp battle on Sen’jin. My wife and I racked up over 300 honor kills each in that massive brawl. Wandering around a nigh-empty zone
  • Misdirection, how did I miss thee? Let me count the ways. Better yet, let me round up one mob for each way I have missed thee, and I’ll MD them all to my bear. MD + iSrS + SrSpread + Multi + Thunderstomp = This is simply unfair.
  • I locked my xp at 84 to run battlegrounds as I found the 80-84 bracket mimicked Wrath PvP the closest. The stat inflation nullifies the resilience on the higher end of the bracket, and lvl 80’s in PvP gear die quickly; 20K crit minus 33% is still nearly half of a well-geared lvl 80 PvPer’s total health. I like watching people explode.

Thoughts on random WoW topics

  • Stat inflation: I say, leave the numbers as they are. The numbers at endgame don’t matter: be it 30K dps against a boss with 60M health, 2K against 4M, or 750K against 1.5B, it’s all the same. It’s not worth the effort to recalculate every item, mob, boss, and NPC in the game just to make the endgame numbers more manageable. Or, if the numbers are too much, go back and squash the item levels for raid drops at previous endgames. Don’t eliminate items, just drop the stats on all raid items to equal the items of the first tier of that expansion’s raids. For example, all Wrath raid items would become iLvl 226 items, be they from Naxx, Ulduar, ICC, etc. Going back to Classic and working from there, we might see a 150 iLvl drop on Cata items when MoP drops; Wrath alone added over 50 iLvls. Either way, though, it’s all relative.
  • H-Ragnaros: Congrats to everyone who manages to kill him. Very impressive. Those whining about having to put in 300, 400, 500+ attempts…well, be careful what you wish for. Seems like every tier since Ulduar, there were people complaining about how easy hard modes were. Now we get a soul-killing boss, a boss that nearly broke the uberguilds, a boss that nobody can say was too easy, and people are complaining about H-Rag being too hard. Blizzard can’t win.
  • Darkmoon Faire has some nice rewards, but it’s just another daily quest hub. Can’t do it. Don’t have the energy or desire.
  • Congrats to Saeor who nabbed our guild’s first Dragonwrath yesterday. Yay!
  • I used to love the Two Bosses Enter series, but it jumped the shark by having the Cardboard Assassin in Cata’s first tourney. WoW Insider should have known or at least guessed that the internet masses would troll the contest and push the dummy to victory; Sanjaya, anyone?
  • I bought a Guardian Cub for just under 6K gold. A going-away present, if you will. I suspect more items such as this will appear in WoW and other games.

What now?

First, the baby. She’s coming very soon. Pics when I can.

After that, Skyrim. I would have slowed down on WoW anyway to play Skyrim. The full-stop means more time for the latest Elder Scrolls edition.

As for this site, I’ll do some revamping over the next few weeks. Not sure what it will look like, but it does need to be freshened up a bit. I’ve got some big, personal posts I’m grinding out, something along the lines of my WoW memoirs. Should be fun.

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Lyraat, former SV hunter of [Better Part of Valor] on Elune, current dad and gamer.

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  1. The hunter community will miss you, Lyraat. Congratulations on the daughter, and I wish you all the best. Perhaps I’ll see you in SWTOR. :)

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