Site updates = Guide to 9K Achievements for 4.3

I futzed with the site over the weekend and noticed that WordPress did some weird stuff with comments, specifically self pingbacks. “You just viewed a two-year post that you linked to six months ago. Approve/deny comment? Approve? Cool. By the way, that two-year old post is now your most recent post! Congrats!” Err…Whatever.


  • The layout has been changed. I kept the same theme for three years (yes, this WoW blog is that old. I didn’t do much with it for the first six months of its existence.) I changed the theme last week, and just changed it again. Like Ramona Flowers’s hair color, expect the theme to change on my whim for the next couple months until I settle on something.
  • The LFM Fail Stories page has been moved to the Old Stuff page. I don’t play, so no new stories.
  • I redid the post categories. Before, they were (almost) all WoW-related. Now, they better reflect what the site will be about.
  • The Guide to 9000 Achievement Points received its final update. I will leave the guide up until WoW 5.0 drops, at which point it will be moved to the Old Stuff folder. Why? 1. I’m not playing any more and will not play MoP; 2. If MoP adds the same amount of achievement points as Cata did, fewer than half of the total points will be needed to get the feat of strength, which makes a guide fairly useless.

A little sad to think the guide is done. Been working on that since Wrath. Keeping it updated and useful was difficult, yet worth the effort. “I’m missing one dungeon and raid achievement!” “Why can’t anyone make an exportable list of achievements? Is that so fucking hard?!” “Seriously, Blizzard: hiding individual achievements under the highest moves you on today’s DIAF list.” I *cough* may have gotten frustrated and flustered at times. But like much of my life right now, time to transition away and into the next big project.

Upcoming posts:

  • Baby story, part 2: the birth
  • Skyrim review
  • WoW memories/memoirs
  • Annual “Year X -> Year X+1″

Redo the foundation, resume building.

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About Lyraat

Lyraat, former SV hunter of [Better Part of Valor] on Elune, current dad and gamer.

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  1. Looks good; keep up the good work buddy.

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