How was my weekend, you ask? Here’s your answer…

FYI: That picture is of KVSC's volunteer phone bank, not our team.

If only we had gotten 20 more points! Also, take a look at Google Your Own Adventure's points and place.

Fifth win for the team, second win for me but my first “real” win. I played remote my first year for a few hours, nothing serious but I helped. This is the first time I walked on the stage as a champion.

Sample questions (with answers in white; highlight the blank spaces). And yes, we got these all correct:

Q: Though he was voted the most ugly in the United Kingdom, this little boy married a diva. According to his website, 15 pounds was spent on his tux and his lovely bride wore a Michelle Ochs that costed over 1,000 pounds. First names of this couple.

A: Lola and Mugly (dogs)

Q: What is the title of the album featuring the Eleros Coffee Shop on the cover?

A: Cigars, Acapella, Candy (by The Belmonts)

Q: George Caldwell is in need of transportation. The car, turns out, to already have a passenger – one Grover T. Maldoon. George is in publishing. According to Grover, what is his profession?

A: Thief (from the movie “Silver Streak”)

Q: The 1973 Chevron Research Company release called Music Makers Guitar contains an insert instruction booklet. In this book, on page 2, are four points for discussion. Please give us the first and last name of the person mentioned in point 4.

A: Kathy Vaughn

Q: Larry Walker, during an April 24, 1994, baseball game, forgot there were only two outs after making a catch and presented the game ball to a fan. Please give us the name of the child who generously returned the ball so that the play could continue.

A: Sebastian Nappier

Q: This fictional big screen character is the seventh son of a seventh son and is preparing for a battle against evil. One of the jackets that he is shown wearing has a city and state on the back. What city and state is shown?

A: Santa Cruz, CA (I think this is from “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising”, but not 100% as I was asleep when this question was asked.)

Q: Will you be prepared when the zombies attack? Shawn and Ed weren’t. While hurling different household items at the zombies, a vinyl album shows promise as a possible weapon. Retrieving a record collection, the pair begin to find suitable projectiles. As discussed between Shawn and Ed, what are the names of the four records thrown at the zombies?

A: Sade, Second Coming, Dire Straits, The Batman soundtrack

Q: When we see characters Holden and Hooper walking among an oasis of music, no doubt you recognize some of the CDs on the wall in the background. What are the two titles of the albums we see between the numbers 12 and 14 in the background as they move through the store?

A: No Doubt, “Tragic Kingdom” and Oasis, “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”

Q: As you are entering the village of Elba, a quaint little town near Batava, New York, you will read the welcome sign that gives the population. What does the sign say the population is?

A: “Just right”

QVisual Trivia #2: These glamour girls of the 1900 to 1909 decade were known as who? Note: this was one of four 250 point questions. If you can get this one, let’s talk :D

A: Floradora Sextet

If you found these questions fun and exciting and are interested in learning more about KVSC trivia, let me know. You need not be in Minnesota to participate. We have players all over the country.

We tied the all-time record for wins this year. Next year, let’s set the record!

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